Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 2017 Java Jam

The multi talented Johnny Flores, from Needville, a singer/songwriter/guitarist will once again occupy the guest spot at the popular monthly Java Jam at Milam Street Coffee Shop. Johnny was one of the first performers of original music at MSC and created a lot of new fans for his unique sound that can best be described by the border slang word “Spanglish,” a cross between Spanish rhythm and English lyrics.
Flores can dazzle an audience with flamenco guitar picking one moment and down home country sounds the next. He writes and sings with the passion of a country boy aware of the joys of life and how to express appreciation for them. His subject matter ranges from childhood memories of watermelons and ripe tomatoes to loyal dogs he’s loved and a record breaking fish that was almost caught but much admired for how it got away. He sings of Cowboys he’s known and horses he’s owned, of Vaqueros, Gringos, and a few beautiful girls he’s serenaded in two languages, without a trace of an accent in either. Above all Johnny is an entertainer, one of the most popular the Java Jam has had. His regular fan base will cheer his return and new ones yet to be made will be mighty happy to join the club. That’s Friday, February 24, 6 pm to 9 pm, Milam Street Coffee Shop. Bring a covered dish and $15 per person to experience Wharton’s unique dining/music experience.

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