Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Jnauary 2017 Java Jam


Last year Doc Blakely was invited to entertain at a chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy here in Texas. He has always been intrigued by stories of the Civil War, or as they say in the South, the war of northern aggression. He suggested to the ladies that a program using music and humor would be his preference and although they raised their eyebrows they gave him their blessing. The result was that it was well received and led to other engagements including the national annual meeting of 500 people from all across the South and even some members from the North. Membership was restricted to females descended from Confederate soldiers, and much to his surprise consisted of white, black, red and other shades of humanity. Their goal is simply to preserve a proud history.
Doc's research uncovered lots of material not usually presented in meetings of this type, namely music and humor. That’s what he did and the result was such a pleasure for him and such a relief to them that this would not be another description of a bloody battle that he wants to share it with Java Jam attendees in even greater depth. Here’s what to expect.
The first hour 6-7 pm will consist of great tunes like Lily Dale, Lorena, The Yellow Rose of Texas, Hallie and the Mockingbird, Goober Peas, Tommy Don’t Go, Bear Creek Hop, Gallopades and Reels. A little history of little known facts of the war and the incredible exploits of some Texans will be sprinkled between songs that will no doubt stir emotions and Lone Star pride.
The always delicious covered dish buffet from 7 to 8 provides a nice break and in the second set from 8 to 9 we’ll follow up with the full blown Java Jam Band playing examples of the modern forms of music used today that were shaped by that era.
So come on out and enjoy a great evening of historical proportions. Bring a covered dish with a little extra to share and $15 per person cover charge and enjoy Wharton’s most unique dining/live music venue. For other details and directions see www.milamstcoffee.com

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