Monday, March 7, 2016

Don't Quit Your Day Job

Don’t Quit Your Day Job” Band Next Java Jam

The next Java Jam, Friday, March 18, 6-9 pm, Milam Street Coffee will feature a Gig Master, George Franklin and his band. The name is apropos for the stereotypical starving musician. The advice is jokingly used among pickers, singers, performers of every type that the world has not yet discovered. The band, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job,” was formed in 1983 and consisted of an insurance agent, a deputy sheriff and a PHD chemist. Magic happened and the trio played together until 1995 then got on with the business of making a living in the real world.
Nineteen years later they got back together to play for a 50 year class reunion and found they could not remember songs, lyrics, keys or who did what. Fortunately they discovered a live recording of 28 songs they had recorded on a flatbed trailer in 1989 at The Strand in Galveston, without studio musicians or any recording enhancements. They joke that they were up to 44 miles on their world tour at the time. Once again the magic occurred, their memory revived and they put back together their Peter, Paul and Mary type sound. George Franklin, Steve Alexander and Charlie Martin never did quit their day job but they will entertain you as well as those who did.
Bring a covered dish with a little extra to share, your own wine if you wish and $15 per person cover charge to enjoy Wharton’s most unique dining/live music venue. See for directions.

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