Tuesday, February 17, 2015


There is an old joke about people showing up at the Pearly Gates. St. Peter asks what they do for a living. One was a doctor, one a teacher, one an engineer, etc. They were told to come right in the front gate. Then a musician showed up. He was told to go around back, down the basement, up the stairs and through the kitchen. Wharton’s native son Todd Janik fully understands the joke. He prefers to keep a sense of humor about a musician’s life and it shows, especially in his rare solo presentations.
To quote Todd “I don’t consider myself as much a musician as I do an overgrown kid with a wide imagination, but I HAVE successfully (for what it’s worth) taught myself to play music. It’s taken all of my 29 years to get to where I am musically….18 years to buy my first guitar, maybe 3 to get it down from the top shelf in my closet, then roughly 8 years to learn 3 chords (just kidding, I know like 7).
I’ve been playing in an Americana/Roots Rock band called “The 

Washers” for most of my 20s, with which I’ve played around 100 shows a year, had multiple songs on the radio, won a Texas Music Award for ‘Album of the Year’….and heck, we even tricked somebody into letting us play a couple of songs on TV. I’ve been truly blessed to have been able to play with some of the biggest names in the Texas Country music scene at some of the best venues in the world (I’ve played to a sold-out crowd at Gruene Hall!).  I look forward to every show like it’s my first…and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.”

**Here's the way the Java Jam works:
6-7 pm opening music
7-8 pm buffet
8-9 pm second round of music
What you'll need to enjoy the evening:
    1. Bring your own wine if you wish.
    2. Bring $15 per person to help pay for the guest musicians. This is an honor system donation designed to help attract and pay a little gas money to out of town musicians.
    3. Bring a covered dish with a little extra to share with your new friends.
    4. Door prizes will be given away featuring the February Business of the Month!
Directions from Houston, Sugarland or Rosenberg, Texas --
Take Highway 59 South, take first Wharton exit which is Business 59 to Hwy 60 (Bay City), turn left, go around the Courthouse Square on one way streets. We are on the northwest corner of the square. If you need any help, please call 979-282-9771.
Linda King

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