Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 2014 Java Jam


Mike Gallo, a popular full time Houston musician that is no stranger to Coffee Houses will be the special guest at the next Java Jam, Friday, August 22, 6-9 pm at Milam St. Coffee, on the square in Wharton.
To quote one review, “Gallo is a solo, Light Rock/Blues artist. His acoustic guitar work is like none you’ve ever heard. The music is all original. Mike does some impressive guitar work; even his gentle love songs are laid on a foundation of complex rhythms.  His faster songs rush like water flowing down a rocky creek.  His acoustic guitar sound is exceptional with bass and synth pads adding to the fullness. You will enjoy his exceptional voice as well; as it blends with his intricate guitar work.”

As usual the artist will jam with the Java Jam Band in the second set so get ready for some Country/Bluegrass/Western Swing blended into the Rock/Blues format. Come enjoy Wharton’s most unique dining/live entertainment show. Bring a covered dish with a little extra to share and $15 per person cover charge. Bring your own wine if you wish.

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